Updating Logo & Guidelines

The Atlanta Science Festival logo has been well received for its recognizability as a fresh, clean, and academic mark.

However, there were technical issues with the structure and legibility of the mark that created branding issues across print and screen. To start off the 2016 Festival, we have refined the existing logo to resolve these issues.

Sub-Brands & Events

With an event as popular and diverse as ASF, it is important to have a clear and consistent system of identification for Sub-Brands & Events, as well as knowing the distinction between the two.

We have supplied a standardized template for each that makes creating new logos simple and convenient.

Sub-Brands signify the most well-attended and advertised activities that the Atlanta Science Festival hosts. These could stand on their own, but benefit from associating themselves with the ASF brand. Sub-Brand logos utilize a system of icons that serve to distinguish and promote the event. A wide variety of interchangeable icons have been designed and packaged to best suit each event.

Events constitute the bulk of the Atlanta Science Festival, and while they are just as essential as Sub-Brands, they lack a wider audience and have longer, more technical event names. We have developed a logo system that facilitates this and makes the name of the event the focus. These can be quite lengthy before they begin to look unwieldy and are strong graphic elements that have great branding opportunities. Events will never be paired with an icon, unless they are rebranded to facilitate their popularity and approachability


We have developed an icon system to be used in conjunction with the Atlanta Science Festival’s Sub-Brands. We have supplied a wide range of pre-made icons, but included the necessary tools for future parties to create new icons down the line.

The icon system we have developed is intended to be used in conjunction with the Sub-Brand guidelines, stand-alone promotional materials, or collateral items. It should not be paired with events, changed to be 2-colors, or used alone. While the primary logo mark should be used as frequently as possible, it can occasionally be paired with an icon for specific applications.



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